Who am I? And what do I do?

Dutch landscape, cityscape and macro photographer

I am a Dutch photographer living in the Netherlands with a passion for capturing images of nature in general. I am mostly focusing on landscape, cityscape and macro photography.

Photography for me is looking at the world differently and paying attention to small details which are often overlooked or cannot be seen without a camera. For me, it is also a way to slow down from everyday life and enjoy nature and all its glorious details.

With my photography I try to capture compelling images to tell a story to other people.

I am constantly trying out new techniques and gear to come close to one of my goals which is ‘photograph more and edit less’. The other goal is to complete an image by printing. Not all images “work” on paper. The ones that do, really do.

Compelling images that trigger emotions or thoughts

Is what I strive for in my photography

Red-Orange-Purple colors during sunrise

Intimate landscape details

Slow down from our busy life to see the true details of nature

Fine Art Prints

The best quality on the best paper. Hand signed and numbered.

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